4-Quadrant Programmable Source

Kepco's new BOP-E Series of Ethernet-controlled 100W, 200W and 400W BOP linear bipolar power supplies deliver fast, ultra quiet and clean bipolar power. Kepco's BOP-E's models can be controlled from anywhere over Ethernet or LAN. Communication is either through a web page or by using SCPI commands via LabView and Telnet.

  • True 4-quadrant programmable voltage and current power supplies.
  • 14 Standard Models, ± 0-5 Volts to ± 0-200 Volts, ± 0-5 Amps to ± 0-30 Amps.
  • Dual-range, 16-bit interface provides 15 bits of resolution for both full and quarter scale of output.
  • Inductive load and capacitive load optimized versions.
  • Discovery: MDNS (Bonjour - like the printer discovery) and VXI-11 (National Instruments Ni Max, Agilent Io controller)
  • IP address support: DCHP, AUTOIP and Static IP (using Web Page)
  • Connections: SOCKET @ port 5025 and TELNET @ port 5024
  • Connection throughput: 25 milliseconds

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