RADX New 26.5 GHz LibertyGT 1410

RADX® Technologies, Inc. (“RADX”) announced the LibertyGT® 1410 (LGT1410), a new Real-Time Vector Signal  Analyzer (RTVSA) that includes the highest performance, wideband Real Time Spectrum Analyzer (RTSA) available  today and the only high performance RTSA available in a PXIe-based modular system. With up to 765 MHz analysis  bandwidth and real-time Digital Signal Processing (DSP) throughput of up to 62 million FFTs per second, the LGT1410 can detect and analyze (with full accuracy) intermittent signals between 20 Hz and 26.5 GHz with 100% Probability of Intercept (POI) and a minimum duration of only 320 nanoseconds. The LGT1410 is the first commercial instrument to  achieve this record level of RTSA performance, which is between three and ten times better than competitive instruments.

Wideband RTSA capabilities are essential for detecting, capturing and analyzing modern frequency-agile transient and  inherently elusive signals. The LGT1410’s RTSA features an intuitive, 1080p HD touchscreen optimized graphical user  interface and easy-to-program API that allows users to readily optimize the system for Resolution Bandwidth (RBW) for  small amplitude signals, minimum duration with 100% POI for short duration signals, or combinations thereof. With its  unmatched RTSA capability, wide analysis bandwidth, sensitivity, and large frequency range, the LGT1410 is ideal for  mission critical RF and microwave test and measurement (T&M) applications including next-generation wireless  communications, electronic warfare, military communications and radar.

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